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Why Fort William Is the Place to Visit This Summer

Whether you are looking for a short break away or fed up of the same old beach holiday, there is no better place to visit than Fort William. There is a wide range of outdoor actives in Scotland that you and your family can enjoy. The Scottish Highlands are the new South of France… if you go to the right areas. Fort William is a hidden treasure trove that holds the sun well on a warm summers day. As well as this, it is right on the cusp of a Loch. Making the stunning town picture perfect. Fort William activities are there to provide you with a thrilling, new experience.

Fort William Activities- Kayaking Scotland


There is plenty of things to see in Fort William, including the stunning waters and wildlife. The West coast of Scotland offers some of the most beautiful wildlife, especially in the water.  If you are a wildlife lover, get close and personal with some native water animals. Explore the seas while kayaking Scotland. The peace and tranquillity of the stunning Scottish waters will allow your sea kayaks Scotland to reach untouched areas of the Scottish coasting. Outdoor activities in Scotland are a perfect place to look out for basking sharks, seals and otters. As well as this, different species of sea birds are easy to spot.

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Coasteering Scotland


There are a wide range of things to do around Fort William, if you would like a shot of the action, Coasteering will be a perfect option for you. Coasteering is an outdoor, physical activity that requires you to move along a rocky coastline, either on foot or by swimming. For an energetic hike and walk along a rocky coast, extreme Coasteering is for you. With different challenges to face, you will be tested.

Coasteering can include different elements; Swimming or adventure swimming can be included in extreme Coasteering. If the coast you are following stops or includes water, then you will have to go into the water to stay on track. This will entail being in your full walking outfit as you need to keep your belongings with you. As well as this Climbing and scrambling are also included in Coasteering UK as the coastline you are following may differ at points.

This exciting fort William activities is sure to get your excitement going. Walking some of the most beautiful Scottish coastlines will also allow you to appreciate Fort William and all its glory.

white water rafting Scotland

White Water Rafting in Scotland


Experience one of Scotland best sports, with white water rafting Scotland. These Outdoor activities in Scotland use an inflatable raft to navigate a choppy river. White water rafting is an extreme rough water activity that can present new challenges for the participants. The environmental challenges that need to be overcome can provide an element of risk to the participants. In this sports teamwork is vital. Without it, there could be accidents on the water.

If you are looking for a fun team building activity, with an element of risk then white water rafting Scotland is for you. With expert help from professionals, you will have a blast on this enjoyable activity.