Dentists in Glasgow

All You Need to Know about Dentists in Glasgow

A dentist is a physician who has specialized in the medical field of dentistry. Dentistry involves the study of the oral cavity, prevention, diagnosis and treating diseases and correcting conditions in the mouth and other related parts. Dentists in Glasgow are primarily associated with the treatment of teeth and gums, dentists are not limited to teeth but also the jaws and the facial structure. General dentists are the most common providers of dental care and treatment and it is recommended that one should visit their clinics regularly for dental checkups and examination to ensure healthy teeth and early detection of oral problems.

When you should see a dentist in Glasgow  

People should see a dentist at least once every year even if they have no symptoms or signs of any dental disease. Most problems, however, are not emergencies and can wait for a dental appointment. They should however not be ignored. You should also see a dentist in case of increased sensitivity in the teeth. Before proceeding to orthodontic treatment, it is always recommendable to consult a general dentist for referrals and assessment. Your dentist in Glasgow will evaluate your condition and determine if you need specialized treatment or other forms of treatment. You can also consult a dentist about dental hygiene.

Dentists in Glasgow

Dental problems that need urgent dentist attention

There are some emergency dental situations that one should seek immediate help. Here are some of the urgent dental problems.  

  • Traumatic problems – In case of a minor accident a tooth may be knocked out, broken or chipped. Tooth loss may need immediate evaluation and assessment as it may be replanted. If you find the tooth, hold it by the crown and don’t touch the root. You should keep the tooth moist or put it in the place where it was knocked out as you seek a dentists help. You can also put it in milk.
  • Lacerations and cuts – This may be as a result of an accident or any direct trauma to the mouth. Such force may result in biting your tongue, cheeks or gums. You should try to control bleeding using slight pressure. Some cuts may need to be stitched or treated with antibiotics. Some cuts may be left to heal by themselves.
  • Non-trauma problems – Since not all tooth problems are caused by accidents and direct trauma, there are other causes such as dental infections. These may cause toothaches and swelling of the gums. This may be characterized by severe pain when chewing or when taking hot or cold items. Sometimes the cheeks may swell or contain pus around a specific area. If you are uncertain about the cause of the infection, you should seek immediate help.
  • Jaw pain – Also known as temporomandibular joint syndrome, it can be caused by inflammation or wearing off of the joint. This is characterized by a popping sensation near your ear when you open your mouth. This may not be an emergency case but in some instances may require advanced treatment.

Dentists in Glasgow

However, good dental care is the best method to ensure that your teeth are healthy and prevent infections. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day and after every meal, you should also plan for checkups every six months to ensure problems are detected early. If you have any issues with your teeth or mouth be sure to contact your dentist in Glasgow as soon as possible.