Fresh herbs that might be used in indian restaurants in glasgow.

Visit Indian Restaurants In Glasgow And Lose Weight: The Spice Solution!

Trying to lose weight? It’s a common goal for so many of us across the world. People try so many different fad diets and some go to extreme lengths to get rid of that tiny bit of extra body fat. However, there is an easier way. We have found out that there is a simple way to eat what you love and lose weight at the same time. Did you know that visiting Indian restaurants in Glasgow could help you on your weight loss journey? Many people wouldn’t think of it at first. Nevertheless, the all will be revealed.

Read on and find out how you can visit Indian restaurants in Glasgow and still lose weight!

Indian Cuisine

The answer to your questions is spice. There are SO many spices out there that can actually aid your weight loss journey in a number of different ways. All while adding flavour, colour and life to your food! Many of the spices we are going to look at are found in the traditional Indian cuisine you will find in many Indian restaurants in Glasgow.

Artsy picture of spices taken in one of the indian restaurants in glasgow.

Great Spices For Weight Loss

Here are some of the best spices which will aid your weight loss AND be found in so many dishes in your local Indian restaurants in Glasgow:

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is already well known for its metabolism-boosting properties, which aids weight loss by raising your body temp and helping you lose more calories as well as fighting fat build up.


Reminding you of Christmas and sweet pastries, cinnamon often means weight gain. However, the spice itself also helps boost your metabolism. It also has the great advantage of helping to regulate your blood sugar levels.


Bright yellow and filled with flavour, turmeric is used all the time in Indian restaurants in Glasgow. This spice reduces the formation of fat tissue and shares properties with Cayenne Pepper in its ability to raise your body temperature and boost your metabolism.


Ginger has been said to have many different health benefits over the years. It is an anti-inflammatory and it is great for helping with digestion. Some studies also find that consuming ginger often acts as an appetite suppressant. This will aid you in your dieting towards weight loss.

Photo of spoons full of spices, taken in one of the indian restaurants in glasgow.

Visit Indian Restaurants In Glasgow

If you have been convinced, then don’t waste any time, there are so many amazing Indian restaurants in Glasgow with many different offerings. Get out there and fill up on those herbs and spices today.