cdisc standards

Cdisc standards are an important set of guidelines that are used within the clinical trials industry in the United States to assist organisations or research companies with clinical trials. Producing and compiling data which conforms with these standards and policies can often be lengthy and labour intensive process which is why a metadata management company […]

As many of you will know the world is potentially facing the biggest crisis it has faced for centuries. The 21st century. In this century the threat of nuclear war , climate change , global viruses , extreme weather and political unrest threaten the very climate upon which we all live. However at the forefront

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With the Conservative government’s focus on business and increasing export opportunities, now 2017 the UK is a veritable hotbed of innovation and business ideas. The UK’s business population is sitting at a healthy 5.5 million, of which small and medium-sized businesses make up approximately 99%, and with the government’s Start-Up Loan initiative awarding 7000 loans to

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