Tyneham School

School at Dorset's Forgotten village

Along with the church, Tyneham school has been fully restored, both inside and out and gives a good idea of what school life would have been like for those attending.

The school’s head teacher was Miss Norah Woodman who taught her pupils to count using beads. Families had to pay less than 1p per child per month to go towards her salary of £25 a year. At 9am every morning the children would march round the playground to salute the Union Flag.

Tyneham School closed in 1932 and its 13 pupils had to travel to other schools in the local area.We are currently compling more information and photographs of the school which will be uploaded in the coming weeks.

This video was posted on YouTube and shows the interior of the school.

Witness the lost village

Life for the villagers was idyllic and simple.