Traveling From England to Europe

Traveling from England to Europe is a great way to explore different parts of the United Kingdom. As part of the United Kingdom, the country shares its borders with Wales and Scotland. The Irish Sea and Celtic Sea lie to the northwest and southwest of the country. The English Channel and North Sea separate the country from continental European countries. However, it is a popular travel destination within the UK. There are several reasons to visit both areas.

How Has Travel Changed Over The Last Two Years?

The first half of 2020 data shows a sharp decline in tourism from the UK to other European countries. Despite the recent pandemic, all destinations have recovered. While the UK’s tourism figures have dipped considerably since the beginning of this year, neighboring countries are doing well. France saw a 34.9% increase in visitors in 2021 from the previous year, bringing in an extra PS43 billion in revenue. In addition, summer tourism is booming and flights to its summer hotspots are back to pre-pandemic levels.

While UK tourism figures are abysmal compared to those of other European countries, neighboring countries have seen their numbers soar after easing visa and passport restrictions. The French, for example, saw a 34.9% increase in visitors in 2021 from 2020 to 2021, resulting in an extra $43 billion in revenue. During the summer months, summer hotspots such as London and Paris are recovering, with flights to the UK up to 64% of their pre-pandemic levels.

Aside from international flights, England also offers domestic flights to major European cities. Eurostar and British Airways provide affordable train services to France, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Travelling by train is also an easy way to experience different parts of the continent. Mega buses and trains allow tourists to explore interesting cities in England on a budget. The London Underground is also convenient, making visiting other cities in Europe a breeze. This means that the UK’s tourists can experience the best of the continent with ease.

Better Understanding Travel

The UK is home to several airports that provide access to Europe. From there, ferries are available to France, Belgium, and The Netherlands. If you’re traveling from England, train travel is an affordable option. By traveling by train, you’ll find the city of your choice in a few hours. The metro system has excellent connections throughout the country and connects to the rest of Europe via rail. It’s easy to see why England is such a popular tourist destination.

The U.K. has a comprehensive list of banned and restricted countries. Its green list, which includes Ireland and Malta, will be added to the red list in a few weeks. The new countries are not on the red list, but many tourists still choose to visit the UK and get vaccinated for the disease. This is not good news for both countries. The British government wants to encourage people to travel to the UK for the holiday, but the uncertainty around Brexit will affect tourism from England to Europe to the US.