Teeth Whitening In Manchester | Banishing Myths Around Teeth Whitening

One of the latest trends among young people, vloggers and a lot of celebrities is teeth whitening. However many use home kits before considering the facts/myths surround teeth whitening. Many would be better of seeking a professional for their teeth whitening in Manchester and beyond, such as Oakley Dental who give the option to have the whitening treatment done in a clinic OR in your own home. Let’s read on to find out the facts and myth around teeth whitening.

#1 Teeth Whitening Is Painful

This is a myth. Nowadays in dental clinics who provide teeth whitening in Manchester, the gel used has been developed to a standard that it does not give any pain and is completely safe. Discomfort is only experienced if client has damaged enamel or extreme sensitivity. Even then, dentists can recommend a desensitising gel for use post-procedure.

#2 Teeth Whitening Is Permanent

Another myth! The bright white of your teeth immediately after the procedure will fade, a process which can be sped up or slowed down by how much care you take of your teeth. Perfect dental hygiene will help the pearly look last longer, whereas consuming coffee, wine or tobacco products will cause your teeth to stain much sooner and more whitening procedures will be needed.

#3 Teeth Whitening Makes Sensitivity Worse

If used properly by a qualified professional, teeth whitening gel should not make sensitivity worse or weaken your teeth. The gel gets into the pores that have let in staining products like coffee or cigarettes and loosens the stain, leaving teeth whiter in the process. That said, there is some increased sensitivity in a day or two following the procedure but it will go away- as would be the case for any procedure one might happen to get done.

#4 Teeth Whitening In Manchester Is Unaffordable

Although teeth whitening may seem like a luxury that only few can afford, it is actually surprisingly affordable. The main thing is that you will have beautiful teeth, without any of the safety worries that you may have with a home whitening kit. It is worth budgeting and checking out prices to make sure you are getting the right deal.


#5 Teeth Whitening Will Stain Crowns/Porcelain Fillings

In fact, you cannot actually stain a crown/implant/veneer/etc. If they are stained the only option for them is to have them replaced and brought up to standard with your new pearly whites. In the case that this is not an option, please just be cautious and make sure to practice good dental hygiene habits in order to keep your crowns sparkling white.


Now is the time to do your research and find out if professional teeth whitening in Manchester is the route you are going to take.