Upholsterers in Edinburgh provided loose covers for this room to reduce allergens.

How Upholsterers in Edinburgh can Help with Allergens in the Home

Where you might find allergens in your home

Allergens can be very annoying for individuals who suffer with asthma, have struggle breathing or even have specific allergies to particles found in the home. However, they are extremely common and can be found in so many areas around your house. This will include almost all fabric furniture and furnishings. From your curtains to your couches, all will harbour allergens and dust particles which can then irritate those who suffer with allergies, etc.

How upholsterers in Edinburgh could help

Upholsterers in Edinburgh have one of the top solutions to allergen harbouring in the home, in particular for furniture. Loose covers. Loose covers can be created for your armchairs, dining chairs or couches to protect the fabric beneath and prevent damage or dust settling. Although snugly fitted in reality, these covers can be removed as often as you like to be put in a hot wash. Or they can be easily vacuumed, the choice is yours. This means they are far easier to keep as clean as possible, as opposed to uncovered furniture.

Upholsterers in Edinburgh can make loose covers to protect these fabrics on your furniture.

Other ways to reduce the allergen count

There are other ways in which you can try to reduce the effects of allergens on yourself and your family. Here are some top tips for keeping your home dust and allergen free:

  • Make sure to hoover regularly, including mattresses, couches and carpets.
  • Remember to change your bedsheets at least once a week.
  • Dust around the home and use a lint roller to pick up hairs.
  • Remember to wash your curtains regularly, as these are an oft-forgotten harbour of allergens and dust particles.

By making sure you remember to follow these steps, you will ensure that allergens and dust particles are vastly reduced within your home. Even if you do get some help from upholsterers in Edinburgh, these steps are essential too.

Finding the best upholsterers in Edinburgh

Across Edinburgh and into the outskirts, you may find a range of different upholstery companies who might be able to help you with your furniture at home. However, we can attest to the skills of one company in particular, called Nu Rest, who recently produced some loose covers for us in order to help reduce the effects of allergies for my family. They were professional and reliable, being a family company and all, so I would be happy to recommend them to all of the readers at Tyneham who are looking for upholsterers in Edinburgh. We hope you all manage to find the right solution for you and your family!