How To Keep A Clean Office

It may surprise you that Scotland generates around 13.2 million tonnes of controlled waste each year. In recent years’ local councils have encouraged local and corporate businesses to take control of the amount of waste which they are creating.

Nearly half of controlled waste comes from the construction and demolition industries, with the rest coming from households, businesses and other industries. Businesses waste materials that contain useful materials and energy every day.

Hiring a cleaning company can help your business decrease the amount of waste that they contribute to. By doing this your business can help protect the environment and help Scotland to conserve its valuable resources.

Cleaning Up

Scotland has upped its expectations and aims to become a zero waste society, like Sweden. To do this it is the responsibility if both homeowners and business to manage their materials.

To do this business must invest money into the elimination of waste. This may seem like an unnecessary cost at the present moment of time, however, in the long run, it will benefit everyone living and working in Scotland.

Waste Management

To be successful in creating a cleaner, more environmentally friendly businesses, all Scottish businesses should be following the waste management hierarchy. A green business should encourage waste prevention by reusing and recycling when appropriate.

So far, things are looking good for Scottish companies, as the country as a whole’s household waste recycling has increased from 0.46 million tonnes in 2004 to 1.05 million tonnes in 2011.

General Waste

If you have seen businesses with heaps of rubbish outside of their premises in Glasgow, then they could be breaking the law. If your business does not have an efficient waste disposal method, then it could be causing an obstruction to your employees and the general public.

Materials such as timber should be taken to a recycling centre – not left at the side of a building. By hiring an industrial cleaner, they will handle this for you and dispose of each type of waste appropriately.

Hazardous Waste

Your employees could be putting themselves at risk if they are removing waste from your business, that is why it is advised that you hire professional cleaners.

This may not apply to your business, but it should be something that your business and employees are aware of.  If your business does not comply with regulations in regards to the disposal of chemical waste, clinical waste and toxic waste, then it could be breaking the law.

If you are unsure if your business is correctly disposing of its waste, then it is advised that you get in touch with a commercial cleaning company. Certain types of waste need to be safely disposed of, that is why you should always hire a team of fully trained operatives who specialise in this type of service.

Commercial Cleaning

By hiring a team of industrial cleaners Glasgow, you are making the day to day operations of your business much simpler. By removing your employees from the hazards of waste removal then you are reducing unwanted stress.