Has The World Gone Eco-Mad?

As many of you will know the world is potentially facing the biggest crisis it has faced for centuries. The 21st century. In this century the threat of nuclear war , climate change , global viruses , extreme weather and political unrest threaten the very climate upon which we all live. However at the forefront of many governments minds at the moment is the importance of being eco-friendly.

Climate Change

Climate change is a phrase that has been used for many years prior to the 21st century but was often overlooked or seen as lies/exaggeration by those who saw themselves as eco activists. However since the inception of the concept of climate change this has been gradually growing into a mainstream viewpoint which has heavily influenced many governments recent years to make pledges to significantly cut pollution and introduce more eco- friendly incentives .

One of the pledges that the British government amongst other governments has made is to have the sale of petrol and diesel cars banned by around 2050. By this point the government hopes to have only new electric cars being produced.

How Has The Government Been Swayed?

There have been a number of different influencing factors that have led to the government being persuaded to implement these changes and change their attitude to the climate as whole. One of the biggest factors has been mass protests and grassroots campaigns.

Mass protests as well as social media posts and grassroots campaigns have helped to influence the government policies. In addition to this , parties such as the green party have also assisted in the mission to bring more awareness surrounding climate change.

How Has This Affected Britain?

this has already affected Britain in a number of different ways. One of the biggest moves in a bid to help fight climate change and overall lack of recycling is the introduction of paper straws. Across the country increasing numbers of bars and restaurants are using paper straws to replace and out phase plastic ones. However this has received a very mixed reception since the introduction of these there have been many complaints about the quality of the straw overall. This has even sparked campaigns to boycott the straws in some instances due to their poor quality and often disintegrating due to the drinks.

One of the older eco- friendly moves that was made several years ago was to introduce a tax on plastic bags in order to encourage people to recycle. This scheme was actually highly successful and has led to people using far less plastic bags which may have benefited the environment in the long run.

The Wider Effects Of The Governments Climate Change Decisions

Some people have argued that there are a number of wider effects that could have a negative impact as a result of what the government is doing. Many people argue that the abolition of petrol and diesel cars would be a very unfortunate as the combustion engine has only been around for a little over 100 years and the technology is still being developed. Furthermore many people have the impression that the government are simply offering these pledges to win votes and further themselves politically. Adding to this perception is the fact that councils and governments across the UK are considering levies/taxes on cars based on emissions in city centres.


Overall it is apparent that climate change will continue to be a pressing issue for many years to come. Therefore it is important for people to ensure that the government is conducting itself correctly in the fight against climate change and that this is done effectively.