The Best Blogging Techniques That Everyone Should Know

Blogging on different platforms like WordPress is one of the most comfortable and easiest ways to increase the success of content marketing. Numerous blogging techniques will help in the success of a blog and business as well.

Below are the most handful blogging techniques to turn the blog into the most beneficial marketing for business.


Pick The Perfect Topic

The most difficult part about blogging is not knowing what to write. Based on the industry, business and the overall goal and purpose of blogging which must be set before there are a  lot of little ideas on what to write. Before bloggers start typing, there should be a unique vibe about the blog that will set them apart from the others. The fact that there are thousands of blogs existing nowadays, bloggers must consider the following:

Engage with the popular event, latest news, and pop culture. Bloggers can check out their competition and keep up with the latest trends in their industry. Make use of the blog to inform rather than to promote. Readers have their opinions and observations of actions. People will most likely like or share a blog if they think that everyone else will like it.

Besides on being informative, blogs that are successful are also entertaining. Abandon the traditional graduate school essay structure, traditional three sentences, and right language. Blogs that are successfully entertaining have a longer lifespan compared to others. It is a real challenge to pick a topic that will work. However, different strategies can simplify the process.


Learn About the Blogging Etiquette

The Art of Netiquette

Netiquette is a term that refers to the behavior appropriate for electronic correspondence like discussion forums, emails, and chat. The Internet has various lists of netiquette rules that can work for different kinds of users. Due to the poor online behavior of some users, the rules were made. Online wars that became vicious and the exchanges of angry and heated messages are examples of poor online behavior.

Always be Positive, Friendly and Self-Reflective

There are times that people and comments can hurt a blogger especially at times when they can’t express themselves clearly. The old saying “think before you speak” is a golden rule of blogging. Bloggers should always think before they write. If a topic or trend doesn’t appeal to a personal manner, then do not respond if there is an angry feeling.

If there is the need to voice out, then buy some time. Make a draft, write it somewhere then come back with a clear mind. It can help in clearing up any biases regarding an issue. Also, after buying some time, the feeling is not the same as the previous one. Always stay positive whenever voicing out an opinion or a critique. Reread the article to be sure that it is in a positive tone.

Use Proper Language and Titles

If possible, avoid using profane words or slang because they might have an aggressive sound to the readers. Address a person properly to instill respect to the person.

Use Effective Communication

It takes a long practice of thoughtful writing to instill effective communication. Try writing and speaking in a clear manner all the time. Always reread before responding. Restate and define the words if necessary. If there are misunderstandings, correct it right away. Effective communication will take effect on a person that can feel a connection in the blogger’s words. Also, be mindful of the jokes and chosen words. Some words can have a negative or positive effect on the readers.


Use Keywords Intentionally

Most bloggers focus their content on particular keywords, so the articles can come up when specific words are entered into search engines. For some businesses, it is a big challenge to structure a blog with keywords that will always appear in a search without sounding contradictory to an article.

No matter how well-written the content is, it won’t matter if people don’t find and read it. Blogs must use necessary keywords at least three times. Bloggers can also consider different combinations of keywords. It can be long or short. Also, use the ones that different blogs use for several times.


With the growing competition between different blogs, creating a successful blog can be difficult. However, with proper techniques and patience, anyone can attain success for their blogs. The above list can be a big help to anyone that is starting or currently getting big in blogging.


Author Bio

Iman Bahrani is the CEO of  Gold Coast Searchical SEO Company. Iman is an expert on things that is in connection with Digital Marketing. For Iman, sharing is caring so during his free time he answers questions and queries that are related to Digital Marketing.