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Beauty Hacks That Everyone Needs to Know


From skin care to eyeliner, we are all looking for a simple and easy way to achieve a flawless look. Having perfect hair and makeup can be difficult to achieve. However, you no longer need to be a certified makeup artist to pull off some of the most up to date looks. There is no need to worry as we have got you covered. These simple beauty hacks will ensure your eyebrows are on fleck and your hair achieves that perfect beachy look.

Perfect Nails


Going to the salon to get our nails done is a rarity for most. Low budgets and low time, have left us to neglect our nails. This beauty hack will have you achieving a manicured look without having to pay those high salon prices. Even if you are short of time, you will be able to do this in no time.

First things first, before doing anything, if you are looking to get the most out of your nail polish then pop it in the fridge. This will make it shine and go on perfectly. the gliding action will be super easy! You will never look back. However, if you are still apprehensive about making a mess of your own nails then grab some of your trusty Vaseline. Put the petroleum jelly around your fingernail, on your skin. This will make it harder for the nail polish to stick to. There you go, perfect nails in a flash. No more excuses for having unkept nails.

nail polish

Cool That Burn


With summer around the corner and pale skin a target for the burn of the sun, it’s time to get protected. However, if you are someone who may forget to lather their selves in sun cream and you do get burned, there is no need to worry.

We understand how sore it can be to have been burned by the sun, with nothing helping the pain we have found the perfect solution. Put a tub of Aloe Vera gel in the freezer. This will make all of the difference! Your skin will be calmed and the heat is taken away. Try it this summer if you get sunburn.

sun cream

Tan Tan Tan


As summer is slowly approaching and our tan the main priority, our tanning mitts will be used at an alarming rate. Lather up and become a glowing goddess. However, we all know that fake tan can be temperamental. Leaving our legs with streaks and our arms clumpy. No one wants to have a bad tan. Although, it does happen to the best of us. The quickest and easiest way to get rid of that horrific tan is to make a paste from baking soda and water. Rub it all over your skin and it will take away your dodgy tan. Your welcome!

sun tan

Remove That Fakery


After a long day wearing your favourite foundation, nothing feels better than taking it off! Getting to see the bronzer and mascara melt away is the best part of the day. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy makeup wipes or cotton balls. The cheapest and easiest way to get rid of your makeup if by using coconut oil. Warm it up in your hands the rub it all over your face. This will lift all the dirt and makeup off. Best of all, it will leave your skin feeling baby soft!