Mould removal

All You Need To Know About Mould Removal

Mould removal is a task that needs to be undertaken when a property has mould within it. Mould can pose a serious risk to health as well as the property as a whole. The best way in way which mould can be tackled is through the use of a property specialist who can work to remove the mould overall from the property.

How Does Mould Occur?

Mould occurs as a result of damp and condensation which can occur in stormy or wet weather. After the damp and condensation has been present for a number of days this can eventually lead to the build up of mould on a property. In order to prevent the build up of mould from occurring there is a number of preventative measures that can be taken to ensure that mould does not occur within a property.

Mould can also occur when a property has not been cleaned properly. Regular cleaning and maintenance are good preventative measures to take in order to prevent mould overall.

The Main Ways To Prevent Mould

  • Damp proofing your property- damp proofing your property is an excellent way in which you can prevent mould overall. Insulation as well as other materials are excellent at preventing damp from building up in your property overall
  • Another way in which mould can be prevented is through replacing the windows within a property. Replacing the windows is important as having single glazing windows can lead to significant heat loss in a building overall. The addition of double or triple glazing windows is an excellent way in which to prevent mould as this can also improve overall energy efficiency as well.
  • Ensure that your property is well ventilated overall. Having your property well ventilated is another great way in which to ensure that mould is prevented from occurring. Fresh air can help to prevent the conditions needed for mould to thrive
Mould removal

How Dangerous Is Mould?

Mould can prove to be very damaging to human health as well as the overalls structural stability of a building overall. This is why mould removal is so important. Mould is made up of bacterial spores which release themselves into the air in the area where they are located. This can produce harmful particles that can lead to health conditions for those exposed to mould for long periods of time.

Research and some studies have shown that mould can lead to people developing asthma as well as other health conditions and that there is a clear link between these and asthma. If left untreated mould normally forms a large dark mark over an area. Properties with mould are normally undesirable to new home buyers and require property specialists to repair.

Mould removal


In Conclusion it is clear that mould is a dangerous condition which can lead to damage within a property as well as potential harm to residents health. In order for this issue to be tackled properly it is important that care is taken to ensure that mould cannot develop within the household.